I like to listen to music. Simple enough?

One of the most annoying questions anyone can ask me is what kind of music I like.  I like just about all kinds of music, with only a sparse few exceptions.  And for the most part there are even exceptions to those exceptions.  I don’t much care for country music post-1980, but dang it if Garth Brooks didn’t write some catchy tunes.  We can all sing along to “Friends in Low Places,” am I right?  I don’t like much rap, but N.W.A., Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and the like all have a place in my heart.  I like hip hop, and despite what some may think there is a HUGE difference between rap and hip hop. 

I just hopped in my truck to head home from work, put the mp3 player on random and got this order:

1) “Particle Man” – They Might Be Giants

2) “Las Vegas” – Andrew WK

3) “Pervert” – Descendants

4) “Work it Out” – Jurassic 5

What a mix, huh?  I can’t imagine ever sitting down and deciding that I would want to hear all those songs lined up like that.  I’m about to thump some Wiley whilst I rock the COD4, a somewhat distracting mix, but I’ll get through it. 

I’m always looking for new music to check out, and I’m pretty open to try anything.  Any suggestions?  Talk at ya tomorrow.

Oh, and this one’s for AskAnEnemy – Blogs r being cool, we’s not got nothin bester to do wif r time n-e-wayz.


Seriously, what could go wrong?

I can honestly say that I’m not really sure this is a good idea.  But I’ve never been one to turn down an opportunity to spout off about the most utterly random things.  So shall we get started?  Any suggestions on what to talk about first?  If not, be expecting some aimless ranting about poor internet connection speeds f*$&ing up my COD4 time or how much I hate moving.  And I don’t mean like moving my body around, I can shake it with the best of em.  I mean I hate having to pack up my worldly possessions and move them to a new abode.  Pos whatever.  I’ll be back soon.  Just you wait and see.