New Year, New Gear

Alright folks, it’s a new year.  Heck, it’s a whole new decade.  This time of year makes us all a bit nostalgic for the past, and optimistic about the future.  I’m keeping with a bit of tradition today and laying out some new year’s resolutions.  I’ll try to stick to as many as I can, but you know how scatterbrained I can get some times.  Help me out with whatever you can, it’s good for cosmic balance (cause I don’t believe in karma).

  1. First and foremost gonna spend every possible second with Axel.  He’s pretty awesome and you should all be glad to have even the most peripheral relationship with him.  True true.
  2. Get rid of my flab and get in shape.  Time to stick to my Navy SEALs workout.
  3. Keep up with this here blog.  It’s just so easy to get distracted and forget to update.
  4. Watch more movies, thanks to the wonder of Netflix and the abundance of free time at 3am while up with Axel.
  5. Shamelessly plug friends, like Ask An Enemy, Casas Fumando, ILMDesigns, and anyone else who I deem worthy.
  6. Get a freaking job.  I mean seriously.
  7. Get a new hobby.  I tried out IDPA, but I’m ill-equipped.  Need some new gear.
  8. I guess I’ll need to buy some more records this year too.  Got some fantastic additions last year, gotta keep that trend going.
  9. Play more MW2.  Hit me up on Xbox Live if ya wanna play sometime, id is stranglehold76.  Indeed.
  10. Finally, consume and take part in every bit of awesomeness that comes my way.  Awesomeness comes in many forms, so I’m always on the lookout.


I think 10 is a heck of a good start, don’t you?  Happy New Year to all 5 people who may read this, and to anyone else for that matter.  Tell your friends.  Seriously, I’m not just doing this for my health, I’m striving for an Ashton Kutcher-like following.  Only without the ridiculousness.


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