Get in or get out

I wanted to be the first to let you all know that I was accepted to the masters program at UTEP.  I honestly can’t imagine being the second person to tell you, cause I’m just not cool enough to be on the “let’s talk about other people” circuit.  I mean really, has anyone ever come up to you and said “Hey, did you hear what Barry’s been up to?”  No, probably not.

Anyway,  I’ll be working towards my MS in Intelligence and National Security Studies.  I’m totally looking forward to the complete nerd-core goings-on of the program.  I can finally have a socially acceptable place to discuss my view on torture, targeted killings, the future of intelligence collection, and the utter lack of intelligence demonstrated on a regular basis by John Mayer.

On a related note, I’m glad I’m not a jackass celebrity whose every idiotic word would be published for the world to see and mock.  Fortunately I’m a celebrity only to Axel, and he doesn’t know what “idiotic” means.  And as far as published, hell, only five people ever read this (you know who you are) and none of you folks would chastise me for my nonsensical ramblings.

Speaking of Axel, for some reason he’s sans pants this morning, just fashionable diaper and t-shirt.  Thirty more years and that could be me!  Here’s to the future!


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  1. I found this blog by searching through google and wanted to ask you about the MS in INSS. I am in the final stages of applying and wanted to know about the program. If you don’t mind answering a couple questions that would be great. If you do mind, well that’s ok too.
    1. How many people are in the classes?
    2. How strict would you say the admissions standards are for the program?
    3. Overall, any insight you could provide would be great and I am very appreciative.

    Thanks, Rich

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