I am terrible at this

Yes, I am fully aware it has been darn near three months since my last post.  Sue me.  I’m in school like crazy, working and exhausted from chasing Axel around the house.  He’s just to quick for his old man.  And those teeth….the horror!

 But anyway, I’m chiming in today to let you all know about something that I feel affects us all deeply and in more ways than you can possibly imagine.  Actually, I have a short list of terrible things that have happened recently that I feel you’ll all benefit from hearing my two cents on.  So, without (much) furthe ado:

 1. No Edward Norton as Hulk in The Avengers movie.  Why not?  He’s awesome and we’re all better people for living in an age shared but his awesomeness.  Oh wait, he wanted more money?  And more creative control?  Oh. Well I guess he’s just sorta being a baby.  C’est la vie.

2. LeBron James goes to Miami.  To be perfectly honest this is one topic that I care almost nothing about.  Other than the fact that I used to like the Heat solely for my support of Tim Hardaway.  That is until I learned what a raging homophobe he is.

3. A bunch of crazy Russians got busted for spying.  And apparently I’m the only person who finds this hilarious. 

4.  Another Twilight movie came out and ruined the prospect of humanity’s salvation a little more.  When the robots take control, they will point to the Twilight saga as incontrovertible proof that mankind cannot be left to its own devices.  Sad, really.

5.  I had to replace the brakes on my truck and my wife’s car this week.  Drag.  I wish we lived somewhere that we could ride our bikes everywhere.  And no, I will not ride my bike to and from UTEP every day.  I applaud those who can, but it’s simply not for me. 

6. I have an 18 page paper due in two weeks and I expect to start working on it in roughly 11 days.  Procrastinator?  Meh.

7. I’m absolutely STOKED to be getting ready to do some serious show-booking at LowBrow.  The bar should be up and running next month.  It’s gonna be rad folks, simply rad.  Thanks to the folks over there for giving me a shot.

8.  Nothing else, but you all know about my aversion to even-numbered lists.


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