Barry’s Song

Throughout the course of my normal day-to-day routine, it is not uncommon for me to take a few minutes out of my busy schedule to thump some Wu Tang Clan in the car or just while walking around. Today, however, was unusual.  For the first time someone actually told me that Wu Tang wasn’t “meant for me,” presumably because I’m a white dude from the ‘burbs.  Ignorant post-racism aside, this really got me thinking: what music is meant for me?

As a self-proclaimed rock snob, I don’t have any problem taking just about any song I hear and deciding that it speaks to me in some special way or takes on some particular meaning just for me.  That’s
the extent of my ego.  However, what I became concerned with today was the fact that no song is absolutely and unmistakably

And that got me thinking.  I personally know about a billion musicians, singers, songwriters, etc.  Some are great friends, some are close acquaintances, some are just dudes who crossed my path some years ago and we’ve randomly stayed in touch.  Here’s the point, I’m proposing an adventure –nay, I’m issuing a challenge.  I want someone to write a song for me, about me, starring me.  I don’t really care about the content, it could be about us hanging out one time, or how maybe I stole your lunch one day, or how you still owe me $10 for sneaking into a show years ago.

This is someone’s opportunity to write an epic rock and roll masterpiece. Think Magic Man, or Rocket Man, or some other man song.  Or Brian’s Song.  Ok, not so much Brian’s Song, I don’t wanna get so bummed out.  One of you could be sitting on the next MTV goldmine hit here, folks.  You guys know I dig hardcore, punk rock, hip-hop, just about anything; I’m leaving the style up to you folks.

So, who’s up to the challenge?    Message me if you’re seriously interested, and get crackin!  Any songs given to me will be posted on my page, my Facebook, Twitter, whatever.  Maybe I’ll put it on iTunes.  More likely I’ll put it on a bunch of tapes and mail them out to everybody I know.
And you’ll all get one!


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  1. HAHA! How could I resist? “…or how you still owe me $10 ($237) for sneaking into a show years ago.”

    Challenge accepted.

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