Just in case anyone is actually interested in what I’m doing, here’s a public link to check out my Thesis Prospectus.  I welcome any feedback from anyone who dares to read the darn thing.  Happy hunting, folks!

Barry’s Prospectus



Kony Island

I understand why people want to embrace this whole KONY 2012 issue, but let me throw in my two cents.  Kony has been active in Uganda and surrounding countries for about a decade, so why is he suddenly the cause du-jour­?  Why does Invisible Children want you to donate $25 in exchange for a t-shirt, bracelet, posters and other assorted junk?  If you’ve got $25 that you really want to donate to a cause in Africa that is already making a difference, check these out:


There is a lot going on in Africa that folks are not aware of, but they should be.  So when you’re done learning about Kony (you’ve all looked him up and read all the history and documentation, right? You didn’t just watch the video…right?) look up some of these people and groups.  Then decide how you can best contribute to making Africa a better place.

Boko Haram

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta


Laurent Nkunda