Kony Island

I understand why people want to embrace this whole KONY 2012 issue, but let me throw in my two cents.  Kony has been active in Uganda and surrounding countries for about a decade, so why is he suddenly the cause du-jour­?  Why does Invisible Children want you to donate $25 in exchange for a t-shirt, bracelet, posters and other assorted junk?  If you’ve got $25 that you really want to donate to a cause in Africa that is already making a difference, check these out:










There is a lot going on in Africa that folks are not aware of, but they should be.  So when you’re done learning about Kony (you’ve all looked him up and read all the history and documentation, right? You didn’t just watch the video…right?) look up some of these people and groups.  Then decide how you can best contribute to making Africa a better place.

Boko Haram

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta


Laurent Nkunda


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  1. So you never answered my question as to the right way to take action regarding Kony specifically? Why are folks even contesting the Kony 2012 campaign. I’m sincerely just trying to understand. Some I feel do it for the need or hope to stand out as different from the rest and not seem like a “follower”. I agree, people should do their research thoroughly, however, a good cause is a good cause. Why do we try to handicap things like this with pretentious or cynical comments like, “there’s been problems there for a while, read a newspaper, etc…”? Is the point to discourage people from not participating or being informed? Again, Im trying to understand the logic here. Why are we cock-blocking folks? Some never got a chance to do a research paper on the subject matter or never thought to look for something or someone they didn’t know existed. I say, fuck it, again and again. I love you dude, but if you really are for this “Kony business” then be for it. Don’t half ass it. It’s not a perfect system. It never is. Trust me, I’ve worked with companies like The Lance Armstrong Foundation. It’s run by humans which should tell you, it’s not a perfect system. However, i think we can agree on the factvthat its trying, and today, regardless of buying some shitty bracelet, theyre message us being spread. And What’s so bad about informing folks about a shitty man and a fucked up situtation in one day? I think we all agree that it’s a fucked up situation too right? So if this is the case, why do we have to measure and size up this event with other organizations like The Red Cross or UNICEF? U aplaud you for provifing línks to other organizations with the intent to help, but how are these better than the others, or how is Kony 2012 worse? I assure you, if you simply goggle it, I can find several wrong things with all these organizations provided. But for what? That is my two pesos. I love you man, and thanks for letting me borrow some space for debate.

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