Wait! Where did he go?

So you say you just can’t get enough of the blog here, huh?  Well you’re in luck.  Thanks to the magical power of lols and interwebz, I’m available at a number of different outlets these days.  Got Twitter? Follower the heck outta me, twitter.com/thisisyourbarry.  Myspace? Sure, why not, myspace.com/barrythehatchet.  Facebook?  Sorry, you’re outta luck there.  Live Journal?  No, cause its not 2002 anymore.  Live in the now.  Got something you need me to know about asap?  AIM it right at me at stranglehold76. 

Be sure to send me all your funny stories, bizarre comments, and macaroon recipes, I love em all.



  1. So what you’re saying is when the trash needs taking, I should IM you so you know it’s important? Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind! LOLZ

    • BTW, thisisNOTyourbarry….thisisyourwife…and she doesn’t know how to log you off apparently….

      • OH man that’s awesome. I just caught this comment.

  2. omg. your awesome. and axel rox my sox off!

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